HDPE Cylinder Bottles

10 HDPE cylinder bottles

They currently come in 10 different  sizes ranging;

Have a look…

4 oz. Round 24-410                                              2 oz. Round Rocket 3-7413-P

32 oz. Cylinder View Stripe Mold 3-7492-P              32 oz. Cylinder HDPE PL

8 oz. Cylinder HDPE BC-A12-4017-1-1A                 8 oz. Cylinder HDPE

1 liter Cylinder HDPE BC-A12-4017-4-1A                16 oz. Cylinder HDPE PL

400 ml. Cylinder HDPE BC-BCP-400PDC                 4 oz. Round 20-410

Different sizes but the same quality service and delivery you’ll learn to expect from Ocean State Packaging.

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