Modern Round Bottles

Modern round shaped bottles have been quite popular for quite a while now.

Here’s some choices

12 PDF’s of the various modern & round bottles currently available.

32 oz. Modern Round HDPE

32 oz. BR HDPE

8 oz. MR

16 oz. Modern Round HDPE

32 oz. Modern Round 8 oz. Boston Round HDPE
22 oz. Soft Shoulder Rd. 8 oz. Royal Round
23 oz. Cosmo









You can see these and bullet bottles (their pdf blue prints)

Please contact us for any new designs or to create something custom or have some questions about the process, the materials or anything at all.

See sprayers next

Here’s an interesting picture of the Internal surface (magnified)  of blow-molded HDPE

Internal surface of blow-moulded HDPE

(Photo credit: CORE-Materials)

Ours of course is even nicer :-)