As important as the “bottle” is… Presentation is everything.

That’s exactly why we offer 5 different types of decoration capabilities.

  1. Automatic UV silk screening
    ( it cures at relatively low levels of ultraviolet energy, reducing the heating of the substrate)
  2. Semi-automatic conventional silk screening
    (a wiki description)
  3. PS labeling
    (Pressure-sensitive labels, sometimes called self-adhesive labels or adhesive-backed labels)
  4. Therimage labeling
    (The labels are “reverse-printed” (like a decal) and consist of an adhesive, an ink layer, a protective lacquer and release paper. The result is the look and feel of a label without a label)
  5. Heat shrink labeling
    (steam and dry heat)

We’ve seen it all so if you need and help on choosing the best way to decorate your bottles…

Just give us a shout.